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LetsVR - The holistic VR collaboration cloud platform.

LetsVR Features

The holistic VR collaboration cloud platform.

XR Consulting

Our company can help you build the next-gen applications using XR, AI and cloud.

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VR Collaboration

LetsVR helps you to better collaborate or train your employees.

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Hardware as a Service (HaaS)

We provide also the Hardware (Oculus Quest).

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Cloud and on-premise ready

All rooms can be created in the cloud or on-premise.

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Free Updates

All customers gets free updates of the platform.

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Data is protected at rest and in motion - Hashing & Advanced Encryption.

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Other features

  • Hands tracking (Oculus Quest only) Supported
  • Desktop duplication in VR Supported
  • 3D Dynamic Content Management Planned
  • Video players in VR Planned
  • Scenario recordings (ReplayVR) Planned


Choose the package that fits your need.

First two weeks are free to explore.

Software as a service (with SDK)

Collaborate in our predefined environments (with your hardware).

$2/user/day or $8/user/week or $30/user/month

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Hardware as a service

Collaborate in our cloud platform with our hardware.

$5 to $10 per device, per day (Oculus Quest only). SaaS included.

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Consulting as a service

Take advantage of our entire development lifecycle (including on-premise).

Design, modelling, development and deployment. SaaS included.

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On-premise or private cloud

Collaborate in your cloud platform with your hardware.

Entire platform as a product.

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About Us


Our Mission

Increase the XR adoption and ensure customer satisfaction on every project.

  • Train employees simultaneously
  • Cover training for high-risk scenarios
  • Faster learning by employee engagement and knowledge retention
  • Reduce costs with travel and hardware acquisition and management

LetsVR Usecases

Aerospace - Propulsion systems

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